Riflemen of the 60th

(Note: This is not a definitive list: Anyone who wishes to make an OC in the 60th need not be limited to the names on this list.)


Captain John Vickery

Lieutenant William Brady


Surgeon James Todd


Joe Cavender


Siegmund Fischer

Gerhard Müller


Ernst Becker

Reinhard Corves

Chosen Men and RiflemenEdit

Tom Roper (Chosen Man)

Brendan Burke

Gabriel Cotton

Walter Friedler (DD on 1st June 1809)

Ben Jacklin

Jack Kirridge

Samuel Mayden

Jedediah Palmer

Zebediah Palmer

Zachary Pye

Friedrich Rottländer

Camp FollowersEdit

Maggie Cotton

Sarah Palmer

Martha Jacklin

Annie Lawson

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